• microtek 2035 solar ips price in bangladesh

    Product details of Microtek 2035 solar ips price in Bangladesh:

    Microtek has a very strong infrastructural National Network, which is growing rapidly; presently we have 355 Service Points, 150 Service Centers, and more than 25000 most dedicated and committed Distributors and Dealers spread all across India, besides its own showrooms and more than 200 exclusive shops. Microtek has achieved total customer satisfaction through the design, manufacture, and supply of quality products. It has now the largest installation base of more than 12 Crore users, which is growing at the fastest pace month after month and year after year.

    • Micro-Controller DSPIC Based Intelligent Control Design.
    • Dual Charging, Mains Mode and Solar Mode.(Solar Panel up to 1200W-24V model).
    • Pure Sine Wave Regulated Output.
    • Smart PWM Controlled multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging.
    • LCD and Graphical Display Indications (Status & Fault).
    • Smart and Faster Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection.
    • Auto Reset Feature.
    • Mains Input Voltage Range Selection.
    • PV Mode ON/OFF Selection Switch.
    • Charging Voltage Selection Switch.
    • Grid Charging Enable /Disable Selection.
    • Pure Sine wave Regulated Output.
    20,700.00৳ 23,500.00৳ 

    microtek 2035 solar ips price in bangladesh

    20,700.00৳ 23,500.00৳ 
  • microtek 5kva 48v solar inverter price in bangladesh

    Product details of microtek 5kva 48v solar inverter price in bangladesh:

    Microtek HI-END MPPT Based Solar PCU is designed using latest state-of-the-art Technology for Better Performance and High Reliability.The Solar Sinewave Technology used,enhances the life of the battery and minimum effort has to be put for maintenance. In a solar Hi-End MPPT Based PCU, battery charging is very important during the day. Solar PCU controls the core and selects the charging source accordingly. Comes with a user that selects the energy-saving option to allow the user to choose the priority and save the bill.

    • High Efficiency Microtek Solar TRUE MPPT PCU are Based on DSP Technology.
    • Pure DSP Sine Wave Technology.
    • User Friendly SMart Multicolor LCD Display.
    • State of The Art & Advanced MPPT Technology Ensure 30% More Energy Genration FOrm Solar PV.
    • Advance Real Time Clock Technology Ensure Optimum Saving of ElectronicBill.
    • Smart LCD Displays Total Solar Energy Genration (in KWH).
    • Provision FOr Setting Critical Parameters of Solar Thru SMart Front Panel.
    • Smart Logic Built in Software to Maintain Battery Gravity & Enhance Battery Life.
    • Battery Types Support : Tubular, SMF & Flat Plate.
    • Remote Monitoring Thru WI-FI/LAN/GPRS (Optional Feature).

    Charger Technology : PWM
    Transfer Time : ≤ 12 msec.
    Mains Re-Connect / Dis-Connect Voltage : 11.6 V & 14.4 V
    Voltage Window : 100 V – 300V (Standard) 180V – 260 V (Narrow)

    110,000.00৳ 127,000.00৳ 

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