• 2 Kw Luminous Solar Nxt 2.5 Kva Off Grid Hybrid Inverter

    Brand: Luminous
    Model : PCU NXT+ 2.5 KVA/48V
    Warranty : 24 months
    solar product range : PCU
    VA Rating :2.5KVA
    Output Waveform : Sine Wave

    Key features are:
    MPPT charge controller to extract upto 30% more power from Panels
    Inbuilt isolation transformer to protect from grid surges and noise
    Charging from both mains and solar
    Selectable source priority: Choose source priority from solar, battery and grid
    Compliance to IEC standards for safety, reliability and quality

    Product Description:

    NXT+ range of PCUs is the ideal solution for off-grid applications. Designed to offer control, the PCU intelligently optimizes battery charging and power to load among Solar, Battery and Grid power.

    MPPT Charge Controller

    Our solar PCU has latest MPPT‚ (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller. It enables you to extract maximum from solar power. It is 30% more efficient than a normal PWM based PCUs.

    65,000.00৳ 69,000.00৳ 

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